Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday.....

It’s my first post of 2011. Get ready for me to bore you to tears.

Here’s a recap of our New Year’s trip at The Grand Hotel in Fairhope, AL (aka. Heaven)

Here is our room. We ordered a King size bed, however, to our surprise, we got doubles. I didn’t pitch a fit because we had a balcony with big rockers and a garden seat.

We checked in the hotel just as they were serving High Tea. This delighted H to no end. He ate more crumpets and scones than any grown man should be allowed. And he used a slight British Accent while speaking to me during High Tea. Again, this delighted him.

We had the most pleasant time. We had a low key New Year’s Eve and LOVED it. We made some resolutions that we probably won’t keep, gave each other a toast, watched some Ryan Seacrest, and called it a night.

Our resolutions include and are not limited to:
1. Maximize potential
2. Be content
3. Read a book a month (don’t judge, we’re busy)
4. Date night once a week (you know, get dressed, leave the house, get out of BS)
5. Be slow to speak
6. Purge
7. Pick your battles
8. Watch less tv
9. H wants to work out 3 times a week. I don’t. This isn’t a resolution of mine.
10. Did I mention….slow to speak??

I told H that I’m fine with watching less tv, just as long as I can watch my shows. You can’t take away the 6 shows that I watch! I could probably read more books in a month if it wasn’t for Grey’s. And Desperate Housewives. Etc.

On a different note, Oscar Man has a little resolution of his own. He needs to lose weight. He now weighs 11 pounds. Our new vet said that his target weight is 8 pounds. So, this simply means that O-Man isn’t allowed to visit either set of his grandparents for 1 month. Easy fix.

It’s nearing time for Grey’s. And it’s a new one. So….

Happy New Year’s to All and to All a Good Night!


  1. I wish you blogged more often because I could read your blog daily! It makes me smile every time! Love the resolutions! Happy New Year!

  2. So glad that you like!! I'll try to do better in 2011. However, I make no promises if good tv is showing.

  3. Sounds like that less TV is going great!