Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recap on "Money and Love" weekend.

Because you are dying to know how our "money and love" weekend turned out, here ya go:

1. On the way to Starkville, Oscar got a spanking because he ate his bed. His 76th bed in his 3.5 year life span. Mama was mad.

2. I snuck Oscar in our hotel room in my Coach luggage. Keeping it classy. I DARED him to eat the zipper like he ate the zipper to his pop-up play tent. He played by the rules.

3. H and I had our taxes prepared. Fun times.

4. We ate at our fav places in Starkville. And loved it.

5. We went to the movies because it was 5 minutes from our hotel, verses the 30 minutes we have to drive in "real life BS." Seize the moment...right?!

6. We let Oscar Mayer run free on the Drill Field. He was the big man on campus. He LOVED LOVED it! He would bark at the occasional student....and chase the occasional squirrel. If he were to die today, I think he would say his life is complete. He left Starkville happy and tired. Mission accomplished.

7. For Valentine's Day, H bought me a GORGEOUS watercolor picture of the Chapel of Memories (where he proposed) and sent a dozen roses to work.

8. Heart day continued last night with dinner at Crescent City and a trip to the symphony. H was there in body- not so much in spirit. But, he still gets 23.5 points for agreeing to go. I love my man.

9. O-man received heart shaped treats from cupid. He doesn't like them. He will chew them.....then spit them out. On the rug. Thanks for that Buddy. Thanks.

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