Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday......


I'm Meg.

And I have hit my wall.
I hit my wall at 5:30 this morning when my alarm went off.

This is starting to be a little pattern for me.
I start each morning off a little groggy....but, after one glass of orange juice, I start singing to H and Oscar while I dry my hair. Or, I want to give H a run down of what my day is going to look like while he brushes his teeth.

Today I didn't do that. I was so sluggish. And you don't care.
There is no point of this post. None whatsoever.

Tonight I'm packing for "Lovers and Money" weekend in Starkville.
(We are having our taxes prepared and celebrating Valentine's Day)

We had originally though that O-Man would stay with my parentals and terrorize Rex, but, we have now talked ourselves into sneaking Lil' Buddy into our hotel room.

We are such Rebels. (actually, we are Bulldogs)

But anyway, I can just envision us letting Oscar Mayer the Wienie Dog loose on the Drill Field and watching him have a good 'ol time playing fetch. So, that means that I have to sneak him in my Coach purse and hope he doesn't shed. Or throw-up. Oh....the things you do for your kids, right??

Happy Valentine's Day to all. And while you are celebrating with your lova'....just know that I'm lugging around a wienie dog who is loving life.

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