Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scaredy Cat!

Guess who was so scared of the bad weather last night?

Guess who curled up in my Restoration Hardware blanket that he isn't allowed to touch.

Guess who acted like he went outside to "do his business" but yet, came back inside just as dry as left?

Guess who left me a little surprise doodle on the dining room rug?

I'll give you one guess.....and it wasn't H.


  1. Let me tell you who does this, OSCAR!!! cause he left me a pile of doodle in my foyer!!!

  2. Please move close to me- and we could write and craft and scrapbook and not run and drink coffee and shop online all day! Doesn't that sound delightful! Okay let's make it happen! :)

  3. Felicia-

    Let's do it!! However, I don't really scrapbook. Or craft. But I do drink coffee and shop online. :)