Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. My baby brother came home today from Brazil. He's not a baby anymore. He's 23. He's a grown man. But, he's my baby brother.

2. Tonight, I'm CLEANING house. My mama is coming over tomorrow night. I've given H a small "to-do" list. He raised an eyebrow and told Oscar that I'm crazy.

3. H bought a golf cart. It's quite an amazing little story.

He was looking online late one night....and asked if I liked said golf cart. The next day, H bought said golf cart. Then end.

How come it takes a week for him to buy a car....or many trips and bargaining for him to go to the jewelry store....but less than 24 hours for him to buy a golf cart. Hmmm???

4. I have put the cleaning list back in his hands.

5. I made the most delightful shrimp from my Martha Cookbook. However, I don't think I cooked enough. My man ate a bowl of cereal 30 minutes later.

6. Since starting my job back in January, our life has slowed down and we have turned boring. Our bed time is seriously 9pm. If you call me @ 8:45, I'm not gonna answer in fear that our convo will last to 9pm. It's real sad...but it's the truth.

7. Is it too early to decorate for Easter? I'm ready for Spring! And for the time change. Lard! I bet I have said that sentence Fifty-Leven times in the past week.

8. I finished The Help. I have to admit, I'm sad that I'm finished. I felt like I was friends with Abileen, and Minnie and Skeeter.

9. I'm the newest card holding member of the Hattiesbug Library. I had to pay $45 bucks for my card since I do not live in Hattiesburg. I opened my mouth to tell the lady waiting on me that I spend more time in H-burg than I do BS. Does that count?? But, I quickly realized, she didn't care to hear my argument, so I whipped out the checkbook. $45 dollars later, I can now check out books on MP3 players. And you really could care less.

Happy Grey's Day everyone. Happy Grey's Day.

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