Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Recap.

I ate shrimp/fish at every meal.
Doesn't everyone who goes to the beach do that too??

My love for shrimp goes deep. I even served it at my wedding.
In shot glasses no less.

I just couldn't get enough.

We are eating fish for dinner tonight.
Again, I just can't get enough.

Friday night, we dinned at Magnolia Court Restaurant in Foley.
We were the ONLY customers.
Can I tell you, we had Excellent customer service.
I ate shrimp.

Saturday, we packed up and headed to the beach.
And was sand blasted.
And left within 20 minutes.
But you know what, we didn't care. We were at the beach and nothing could rain on our parade.

Saturday night we dinned at The Velligio. Not to be confused with Belligio in Vegas.
I ate shrimp.

Then, because we were WILD and Crazy kids....we decided not to live it up at the Flora Bama like we may have done once back in college, but instead go and watch Bradley Cooper's new movie Limitless.

I raised an eyebrow or two during the movie.
1. 1 pill changed his entire life.
2. He basically was taking Adderall.
3. He drank blood.
4. He lived the perfect life.

Sorry if this was a spoiler for you. But trust me, don't waste $9 on a ticket then $18.50 on popcorn.

Sunday, we shopped. And I came home with the one thing that H said not to.

A purse.

Oh, and I ate shrimp.

Me and Brooksy.

Me and Candice.

Next trip.... Cruise 2011. Cozumel Style.

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  1. So fun! glad yall had a great trip! How do I make a centered picture like you at the top of my blog? it wont center and goes left align! Help! Email me at leigthonharbuck@gmail.com