Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday.....

Here's the deal. I have no energy.
Case in point, bullet point #1.

1. I went to bed Tuesday night at 8:30pm. H and Oscar cleaned the kitchen.

2. I am going to the beach this weekend. And don't think about coming to my house. I am leaving the most ferocious weenie dog this side of I-59. And, H isn't invited to go. He is to stay at HOME! This trip is to celebrate mine and Brooksy's upcoming burfdays. Brooksy and I were born 1 day apart.....thus, we must celebrate together. And, we are inviting other Walley gals to join. Fun times are a' comin'. Fun times.

3. Because you are dying to rose bushes have not bloomed yet.

4. My parentals had part of their driveway paved yesterday. And guess who took off from work to supervise a crew of concrete laying men?

That would be my MAMA!

Mom sent dad to work and she was the supervisor. Apparently, at 8:30pm, the men were still pouring concrete which caused mom not to eat dinner. She told me that she didn't want the men to see her in the kitchen cooking dinner when they couldn't eat dinner. So, instead, home-gurl fell asleep on the couch waiting for the crew to finish. There are a few things that strike me funny in this story.

a. That my mom thinks that she needs to supervise concrete workers.
b. She didn't want to cook where they could see her, but, yet, she
feels it's appropriate for them to possible see her snug-as-a-bug
while they are still SLAVING outside.

5. Speaking of my dear mom, have I mentioned that she ate sushi?? Oh yes! But, before she ate it, I had to cut it in half so she could inspect it. I think she liked.

6. My pink blackberry is falling apart. Literally. I have resorted to taping the back cover onto the phone. Tape is keeping it together. Who have I turned into?? I don't even recognize myself.

7. Just so you can get a visual, this is my mama. The woman with the cute up-do, who ran a concrete crew on Wednesday.


  1. Being close friends with distance between us means I know little about you location. So, is this your house or your mom's house that you are pictured in front of?

  2. We are in front of Mom's house.

    How is your house coming along??