Monday, June 6, 2011


1. I've been a slacker in the blogger world. Don't hate on me....I've been busy. With life. I feel like I am just now getting my head above water.

2. H and I went on our cruise. I didn't tell you when we were gone because our ADT Security system with my parentals (Oscar Mayer).

3. Speaking of Oscar....when he stays with my parents, he wants my sweet mom's attention all.of.the.time. and when she doesn't give them the attention that he thinks he deserves.....he rolls around in cat poo. Which he did while we were cruising.

4. I made 9 cookies on Sunday and ate 4 of them. I also made country fried steak. D-Lish!

5. I had a "girls pool day" on Saturday......and was able to catch up with sweet Jenny!

6. Did I mention that I was busy with life? Yeah.

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