Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Afternoons. BS Style.

I’ve been MIA lately. But, with good reason.


That doesn’t matter right now.

On a relatively cool Sunday afternoon, you will find the Jones fam on the golf course in BS. You will see H playing golf like this:

College t-shirt, basketball shorts, and flip flops. That's how we roll.

And Oscar chasing the golf cart like this:

It’s just what we do.

We have to entertain ourselves out here.

Seriously, we will wake up from our Sunday afternoon nap, and hit the course. Mainly to wear down Oscar so he will sleep well.

Enjoy the photos!


  1. Love the pictures! Great picture of Hunter! He's so handsome.... looks like a pro!

  2. Meg-O...I miss you!!! Call me sometime. (I am still enjoying your office...you need to come visit to check it out!)
    Love ya,