Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Although today is Friday.

There are several things that you must know.

1. Over the past weekend, I "pulled my life together" and made 5 meals on Sunday.
A. I made mine and H's Sunday lunch:
Roasted Chicken, steamed green beans, a light creamed pasta,
brownies and bread
B. Chicken Spaghetti for Monday's dinner
C. Spaghetti for some friends of ours in the BS whose wife is
recovering from surgery. Put together a salad, and baked more
D. Pulled together my Chicken Divan recipe for Wednesday night
(which I wasn't a fan of AT.ALL)
E. Cooked Hamburgers/French fries for dinner Sunday night

After all of that cooking in 1 day, I had to run my dishwasher 3 times on Sunday, and I have pretty much crashed by 8:30 each night this week. Which, is why I really didn't have many "Thoughts on Thursday."

2. Oscar Mayer is still afraid of the garbage truck on Friday mornings.

3. I ordered this patio set this week:
I have wanted it since the end of April, however, Wal-Mart sold out of it....and now, they have it back. It is due to arrive on my anniversary none the less. H thinks that it should be my anniversary gift.


I need a little more than just a table/chairs to commemorate 4 years of shear bliss my friend.

4. Did I mention that you are reading the blog of a 4.0 student? Oh.Yeah. Granted, it was just from 1 class. So, technically, I just made an A in my first class in my Master's Program for Mass Communications. I was tempted to call my teacher and have her show me the test that I just knew that I had failed.....but, you know what, after some thought, I didn't want to point out any grading mistakes that she may have, we are just going to let this sleeping dog lay. I mean, what's the point. I also made a 100 on my 24 page paper that I had to submit.


That paper I swear shaved 3 years off of my life. I feel like a new woman now that it is OVER WITH. So, you ask what this straight A student is up to next, well, obviously, I don't value my time and I have signed up for 2 more classes this fall. SHOOT.ME.NOW.

Yes- they are both night classes.
Yes- I live an hour away from school.
Yes- I would like to stay with you on Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Yes- I will pay a small fee or cook for you. Your preference.

5. Since I have previously declared it the month of love due to my anniversary, I'll leave you with this little pic from my wedding day.

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  1. When we get a bed in our guest room, you can stay at our house!