Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday...

1. This week we celebrated Little Buddy's burfday. We THINK that his burfday is on the 16th, however, I cannot confirm this due to the fact that I have moved 4 times in 4 years and I cannot begin to even tell you where his "papers" could possibly be located. So, we celebrate on the 16th. But, we actually partied last night, because I am a terrible mother who did not have him any gifts or a special meal made. H kept asking me all night "is this what you are going to do when we have kids. Just celebrate their birthday when you purchase their gifts?" I replied with something like "YES! As long as I work an hour away from home and still have to cook dinner and clean, yes, we will celebrate when Mama can pull it together." He left me alone after that.

2. Today has felt like Friday. Which is going to make me useless tomorrow.

3. Although Modern Family was a re-run last still OWNED me.

4. Instead of giving Oscar a doggie burfday cake, I made him a hamburger. His 1st one EVER! And bless his bottom, he loved it.

5. Is anyone else just itching to wear fall clothes? I desperately want to wear a sweater tomorrow. I'm loving the cool weather in the mornings. Like at 6:30 when I leave for work. While many of you are still sleeping.

6. Sunday, I am headed to the land of Maroon and Bulldogs! Any idea where that could be??

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