Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday.

1. Hello World. It's nice to see you from this side. For the past few weeks, you have been kicking my bottom.

2. Let me give you my schedule from last week shall I?
Friday- Leave work at 5pm.
            Leave home at 8pm
           Arrive in Auburn at 1:15am (I was at this point, laying in the backseat of our car. H had to wake me up to walk into our friend's SUPER CUTE home. Big shout out to Leighton and Ryan)

Wake up around 7:15am, because, that is just what my body does to me now. It's a cruel joke.
Tailgate with great and new friends by 9:30. (big shout out to Emily Jayne and Danielle)
Watch State vs Auburn.
 Get sunburned on my left side.
 Leave Auburn around 6:15pm; thought it was a good idea to drive home.
 I wiped H's tears the whole way home.

Wake up again, 7:15, and start packing for New Orleans (work trip)
 Leave my home at 1:30pm, knowing that I wouldn't return until late Saturday night.
 6pm- check into the Ritz Carlton, and immediately began channeling my inner millionaire lifestyle.
 6:15pm- took a pic of my room and posted it on Facebook like a dork.
 6:30pm- ate dinner with friends and ate more than my share of the dessert.
 8:30pm- sipping on a cappuccino in my big tub at the Ritz thinking that I am SOMEBODY!
 9pm- laying in the middle of my king size bed without a husband or weenie dog, lovin' life and snoring.

Monday- work conference all day.

Tuesday- work conference all day.

Wednesday- leaving the conference, which means that I have to leave the Ritz. Which means, that I am now, back to being a gurl from BS, who grew up in SH.
     Wednesday night- class until 9:15pm.
     My sweet friend, Keith Ann (who paints oh, so, FAB!!) allowed me to stay at her humble abode. The next morning, I woke up to see the cutest little girls ever.

Thursday- regular day at work, but night class again until 9:15. This is also the day that I realize that I am running low on pants. I again stay with Keith Ann and her mini-me's.

Friday- I now have no more clean black pants. It's a work day, plus an event after work. I stay again in Hattiesburg. However, I have dinner with Jenny-from-the-Block and her sweet baby Lyla.

Saturday- I NEED black pants. So, I wear a dress to the mall, and go buy black pants to wear to another work event. I arrive home at 10pm. First time to be home in a week. Oscar-Mayer didn't know what to think. He loved all over me. Then, oddly enough, he wanted to sleep in the big bed with me. Where- apparently he had been sleeping all week. This is the same bed that when Mama is home, he isn't allowed to get in. Strange huh??

Here are photos to prove that we did attend the Auburn game.

Please note: my pics have not been edited nor touched up. I don't have time for that anymore. You get what you get. :)

And some photos of my buddy. Who, would have LOVED the Ritz.

        P.S. I don't like the new Facebook.

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