Friday, October 21, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday: Edition it's Friday.....

Well. Hello.

It’s been a while.

I’m fine, how are you?

I’ve had 2 weeks of mid-terms back-to-back, plus football games, plus traveling, plus remembering to breathe somewhere in there. Meanwhile, my brother comes home from Brazil this week and Oscar is going to be a hotdog for Halloween. Also- H dressed up for a Halloween party as Charlie Sheen. This post would be so much better with pictures. Let's be honest, you are here for pictures. I'm sad to report, my memory card isn't with me, so, you'll just have to believe me and I'll we'll have show and tell later.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. For some odd reason, one which I'll never understand, I still like to watch Sister Wives. Again, it's like a train wreck that I can't take my eyes off of.

2. I had a mid-term last night. My teacher asked 3 questions and pretty much said, write everything that you know. For a brief moment of 2 minutes, my mind went blank. I was sooo hoping that my teacher would walk in class and say: I have decided, only due to the cooler weather, that you can use your notebook for your test. However, he never said those words. So, my mind went blank. I tend to study in the most bazaar way. I generally to make acroyms for everything. For instance, last night on my test, I used 3 different acroyms to help me memorize remember important words to use in my essays. Case in point, one of my lovely acroyms included: DAAAQFS. Another one was, OCECCSSIIHHS. Am I the only crazy person out there who does this? I partly blame this on my mom. When I was little and had to learn spelling words, she helped me "break them down." She would point out words within a word to help me remember them. Case in point-THEM. Mom taught me it is the word THE with an M added to it. Well, that type of studying has stuck with me. And, I think I have just lost 2 readers.

3. Oscar Mayer has been invited to participate in a weenie dog race. I am so excited about this!!!! It's still being questioned if we are going to participate. He doesn't like other dogs. And, he would rather ride and not run. He would also rather nap than ride. Him's a little buddy.

4. Facebook is so overrated. It seemed that up until recently, people were superficial regarding Facebook. It was almost a competition to see how many friends you could have, how "cool" your status updates are, etc. Anyway, lately, I have been so aggravated as to what people update their status with. Why do you want to purposely ruffle feathers? Why do you want to stir in the pot? I'm totally over Facebook and everyone's opinion. Although you may have one, not everyone care's what it is. You can certainly have your opinion.....Lard knows that I have mine......however, sometimes people are just too harsh. Can you tell that I was aggravated about what people posted today???

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  1. I am considering deleting my fb account. All of the cool people are now on Google + !!