Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolutions. Only 9 Days Late.

Resolutions are both liberating and yet so depressing at the same time.
Each year, we set ourselves us to fail on goals that really don't matter.
I sorta' made some really good personal goals to be a better person, etc., but no one wants to read about those.....instead, I'm sharing my not-so-personal goals.

 So, here goes mine:
1. Talk like I am a college graduate (must remove the following words: totally, like, and you-know).
2. I would like to use my crock pot once a week (so far so good!).
3. Clean up less dog poop. (which means that we must potty train our new puppy Cooper FAST!)
4. I would like to write more handwritten notes to my friends. They certainly deserve a little sunshine in their day!
5. I need to watch less tv. I would be much more productive in my little life if it was not for something called......TiVO. However, shows like Revenge and Grey's will make this resolution so difficult for me!
6. I would like to cook something new each week. Poor H- he will either love or hate this one!
7. Be more thrifty. I need to coupon. I'm just to lazy to REALLY do it.
8. I'm leaving this one blank. Isn't it neat to realize in April or May that you need to improve something in your life?? I'll leave this one blank until then.....


  1. Am I crazy or behind? Or both? Did you say new puppy, cooper? Is this a joke I don't get or do you have a new family member?