Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet Cooper Jones!

Here are some pics of our new little buddy!
He is a mini-doxie like Oscar.

In case you are wondering: NO! Oscar doesn't like him.
Oscar has nothing to do with him.

Cooper went through 4 names in 1 day! (Franky, Oliver, Dex and finally Cooper) He is still confused.

And, he is the best when he sleeps!

He is full of energy and will not sit still to take a pic unless he is sleeping!

This is a typical moment at our house.....Oscar MUST keep an eye on Cooper!
They have a love/hate relationship.

Not so funny story: Cooper was FINALLY taking a nap, and I walked in the living room to find Oscar standing over Cooper barking at him.

Again, love/hate.

Cooper wants to play with Oscar......Oscar wants Cooper to leave.
If Oscar runs down the hall....Cooper must follow. It makes Oscar mad every.time.

In the mornings, Cooper wants to wake up Oscar.
Oscar is a grouch.

We already love Cooper and wish he was potty-trained and out of the chewing stage.
He is our welcomed distraction to our family. And boy does he keep us on our toes!

Welcome to the CRAZY House Cooper! I'm not sure if you are better with us or without us!

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