Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.

I have never been happier to see Thursday roll into town.

I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, which means that today would be Friday. Still with me here?

Here are a few thoughts of mine:

1. Just when I think Cooper is *sorta* potty-trained and in our routine of him going outside to potty......he reminds me that we are on his schedule and we are living in his world. And he drops a doodle on the rug.

2. Owning a new puppy is like having a child. Granted, I don't have a child to compare this to, but, there are MANY similarities. Example: we (as in I), get up twice in the night for a crying pup. Our routine is midnight and then 3:16 am. Sometimes, Coop will shake things up a bit and let me sleep 6 more minutes before he wakes me up at 3:22am.

3. I start back school today.

4. H went duck hunting last weekend. Apparently, homeboy had a large time and killed a duck. I on the other hand,  loaded up the little boys in the back of the Volvo (needed room for 2 little kennels)......and drove to mom and dad's house. Funny story: Cooper, all of 8 weeks old tomorrow, has found a friend in my brother's pit bull. Oscar, on the other hand, still will not play with Cooper?? Strange. Cooper and Cash (pit bull) roamed the woods together and rode the golf cart together. Oscar......well, he stayed at home in the comfort and safety of mom's house.

5. I braved the pet store with the little boys......

Just look at this sweetness!! And the pink nose! It is his pink nose that keeps him from getting spanking when he doodles on the carpet.

This is my favorite pic of the boys!! Poor Cooper....(in my best baby voice)...Him can't see over the buggy!

6. The only time I question our purchase of the at 3:16am or 3:22am. Other than the early morning moments.....we are loving the little pitter-patter of his feet! And his sneezes.....

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