Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Month-End Review

I have been terrible with my blog this month. I've been just a tad-bit busy in March.

March has been a busy month at the Jones household. We were THRILLED to see March 30th roll off our planners!

Here’s a snippet of our busy life:

1. March 1st- I planned a Gala with work. Here’s a picture to prove it.

2. H and I had a triple date with new friends and co-workers of mine in Meridian!

3. I was a hostess for a Baby shower for sweet baby Holder. I was too busy playing hostess to take pictures.

4. Then, little Holder arrived….and I cried!

5. I had a picnic with a dear friend and her baby…..and I took my baby too! Cooper and Lyla are besties now!

6. I planned another Gala for work. Here are picture’s to prove this one too:

7. H and I had a little get-a-way to Ocean Springs this past weekend. We stayed at the most charming Bed-and-Breakfast where they welcome well-behaved little doggies….So, our buddies were able to go with us. It just so happened (wink, wink) to be Wag Fest at Hard Rock Casino that very weekend. AND it just so happened that our buddies qualified for the races (it would have been ashamed if they had not, due to all of the practicing we had been doing)….it just so happened that Oscar won his “heat” and then…..won the ENTIRE RACE!! He is the champion!

Here are pics of that little sporting event!

Where is Cooper in all of these pics you ask? Well, he has what we refer to as "Puppy ADD." He will not sit still for ANYTHING! He was too distracted to even run the race. Bless his little bones!!!

LARD! I hope April isn't ANYTHING like March. If so, my life will resemble that of Coop's...

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