Thursday, April 19, 2012

From the Heart...

I have never used my blog to talk about my family's personal struggles.
I don't plan on pouring out my heart here.....

But, God has reminded me on several different occasions the past few weeks, that my family is placed squarely in the palm of his hand. And that is a great place to be.

H and I ate Easter lunch (picked up from McAlister's) at Forrest General Hospital with my grandparents.

While many people would get all bent out of shape by not being able to spend this day with family and hunt eggs and take naps on the couch......I was able to celebrate our Risen Savior and how he placed his guiding hand on my grandfather during his recent surgery.

While eating a sandwich in a cramped hospital room, it made me realize, this was the best Easter I had ever celebrated. I would give up every Easter (with all of the festitivies) to come if I could spend it with my grandparents.

No matter the place.

Pop did great during his surgery.....and even requested banana pudding for his Easter dessert. So, guess what I made him.......a deep dish banana pudding! I piled his plate full of pudding. And the patient ate EVERY SINGLE BITE! I told Pop he was going to bust a stich by eating so much!

Pop looked so handsome in his new pj's from Dillards (they even had a linen hankerchif in the front pocket). He is by far the best man that I know. Literally....the best man. While my dad and H come in a close close 2nd....Pop is a champ! Over the years, my family has nicknamed him "The Pope" in "Pop the Pope."

Occasionally, you can hear family discussions like....."no, we can't cook that....The Pope doesn't like it"  or..."The Pope has his Saturday morning routine"......etc. etc.

While still in the hospital, Pop was beyond thrilled to let his Dr. know that H and I graduated from and was married at Mississippi State. I had no idea how big of a deal that is to him! Pop and his Dr. joked how H may be from the State of AL, but that he "did right" by attending MSU.

Here is a great pic of Pop at Christmas with his 3rd Great-Granddaughter who wanted to play with her baby-doll. If you want to see this grown-man melt, just place a great-grandchild in his lap.....he will play with baby dolls and trucks in a heartbeat!

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