Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warrior Dash!

So this past weekend, my warrior participated in Warrior Dash.
I'm not sure how to explain what warrior dash really consists of.....but, here goes.

Warrior Dash- grown adults who paint up, suit up, dress up, etc. and run, crawl, swim, tumble, fall and climb their way to a finish line after 3.4 miles.

H asked if I would like to participate with him. My look back to him gave my answer.

I don't like wasting words on stupid things. When I am on my death bed, I don't want to look back and think....."I wasted so many words on stupid convo's. Man, I sure do wish I had those words now."
Therefore, if something is REALLY stupid, I just don't give an response.

This was one of those silent moments for me.

H moved on and invited co-workers and buddies to run with him.
One of the wives within this group asked me to document the guys before they left for their little adventure. I was not thrilled about taking these photos at 9am on a Saturday morning. I literally put a sweatshirt and sweatpants on over my pj's to take these photos! As soon as the boys left, I jumped back in bed (it was a cold and dark morning...don't judge).

Hol-Mac, the meal ticket for these guys, provided these snazzy shirts.

My man bought some nanners' to eat before the race. Real runners eat nanners'!

Coop....not ever having a nanner' before in his little life....wanted a bite (thinking it was bacon or something).
H, just had to waste our money to order these shoes so he could run faster!

 The guys were giddy like little girls when their white chariot arrived to take them to the race. I have never heard grown men yell "shot-gun" so many times! By this time, I was totally over documenting pictures.

H came home with his medal, a hairy viking hat (the fur on the hat makes him look like he has the mange!!) and a large beer mug!

Look at how dirty his # is!  

H described this event as Woodstock and said that I NEVER have to attend!

I'm proud of my warrior and I'm glad that his toe shoes helped him out tremendously with this race.

FYI: just in case you are keeping up with here, 2 of the Jones boys that I live with have brought home medals in the past 2 months!

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