Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Recap: Edition, this Birthday was a struggle.

For every gurl, their 30th birthday is a struggle.
Well, not for me.
Granted, I didn't turn thirty either.
I'm just shy of turing thirty....and this birthday bothered me for reasons.

Let's just skip my therapy session, and just recap it.

Friday Morning:
My man left me a birthday card.....which will have a be a post all on it's on.

Friday Night:
My man gathered up the Walley fam for a birthday dinner in honor of me and Brooksy (born a day later).
Tears. We all had tears in our eyes due to laughs during this dinner.
Our waiter, which happened to be a guy that I knew during college, was GREAT and served my loud and crazy family well. Our waiter had a beard....and by the end of the night, we had nick-named him "The Bearded Man." And, we called him this to his face. His bearded face. I think he wanted to sign Happy Birthday to me with my family. "The Bearded Man" and I participated in the JCJC Choir YEARS AGO! The boy can sing.

I digress.

H took me to the Viking Cooking School in Madison.
Wonderful Food! Great experience....and fun times!


 Amaretto sauce (I'm not a fan, but H LOVES it)
 Just look at my handsome man! Lard have mercy!!

 Whip it. Whip it good!

I may not like the mascarpone, but, I do love some flavored whipped cream!

 Meet Loyd the Lobster. We did have 2 lobster's until our instructor (who happened to have a terrible attitude, took one of our lobsters!) Loyd treated us good.
 Loyd didn't stand a chance with H!
 I could cook so much faster at home if a cooking fairy divided up my ingredients like this! That would be magical.

The beginnings of our risotto.

 Lollipop Lambchops....

 Finished product.....

 Thanks so such a great birthday H!! I need to begin brain-storming on the upcoming celebration of your arrival into the world.

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