Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday......

  • It's been a funky week.
  • I am CRAZY and signed up for 2 summer school classes.
  • I didn't cook the 1st meal last week. I am itching to cook something.
  • Cooper wear diapers during the day.....and it's ADORABLE!

            So, the reason Coop is in a because he likes to use the bathroom in his kennel and roll-around in it. Not.Cool. H and I are tired of bathing his pup EVERYDAY when we come home from work. In trying to stop this pooping cycle, we realized that we were faced with 2 options:

1. Enroll Cooper in Doggie Daycare.
2. Put a doggie diaper on his booty!

We did the latter option. It is working like a charm! He will not use the bathroom in the diaper, which means that he "holds it" all day, which means that he is a normal dog.

Moving on.......
  • I get to spend Saturday with my dear dear Hubby. Oh how I love that man. I think we are going to dine at The Parker House in Jackson. Oh, and I think we are going to the movies. We need to watch The Lucky One.
  • I have reached a turning point in my life (hopefully it's just a phase), where I would rather watch TV than cook a meal and clean up the mess. When I have good shows sitting on my TiVO, I choose cereal. I have been choosing cereal. The good news is, my TiVO viewing list is almost over....I should be cooking again by Friday/Saturday.

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