Thursday, May 24, 2012

Into the Wind.....

That's where we waste some of our money.....into the wind.

Occasionally, everyone throws their money to the wind.
We tend to do it monthly. And it rotates from me to H on throwing away our money.

This month: H-1, Meg-O

If I had not been present for this mishap, I think I would be livid and would never believe H when he tells the story. But, what works in his favor is that I was present.....

What had happened was:

Yesterday afternoon, several of our friends were playing golf at the BS Kountry Club. Fun times were being had by all, including the wienie dogs! Thunder was threatening us in the background, and we knew we should be leaving. Since we were not playing "real" golf, hence the 2 wienie dogs and a 3 year-old sweet baby gurl hanging out with us.....the boys started hitting the balls from odd locations just to get to the next green.

Let me digress for a minute:

H is a football player. He is a great athlete and again....he was a big football player. When he hits the golf ball, he KILLS it. Anyway, his first few hits of the day were swinging to the left. Then, he straightened out. Until he went left again.

Ordinarily, when he goes left, that means that he loses a golf ball in the woods.
However, when you are not following the course and you are trying to beat the rain, and keep 2 little ankle-bitters away, and you KILL the ball and it goes left, this is what happens:

And then you throw money to the wind.

Luckily for us (yet unlucky for her), we know the owner of the car. She was golfing with us. She watched it happen. She was very gracious about the whole shebang.

So, just to recap yesterday: H played a $200 golf game on Monday. For an hour and a half.

Into the wind.

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