Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday....

  •   I am watching the Bachelorette this season. I blame this on my besties Katie and Mar Per! They know I don’t watch this, and I can’t make fun of them because I watch Ice Loves Coco.  WHO AM I? What normal person watches Ices loves Coco? But, if you want to know the truth, Ice-T reminds me of one of my Uncles. True Story.
  •   On Mother’s Day, I made a wine cake. I drank wine as I cooked the cake. Anyway, when I arrived at my parentals home, several cousins of mine were gathered at the bar (not the wet bar….my parentals are Southern Baptist…only grape juice in their home)…..and sliced my cake. Upon slicing said cake, they said in unison: “yeah, this isn’t Ms. Jewel’s recipe.”

Shoot a gurl down why don't you.

I know it's not her recipe. I don't have her recipe. However, I have looked at 100 recipes trying to find one that is similar. Obviously, I failed.

  • Summer school is starting up next week. It took the wind out of my sails.....however, my teacher sent out a class email saying that he is skipping the 1st class meeting. I think I'm gonna like him. 
  • Here's a sweet pic of my little boys sharing a bed together. This is the 2nd time this has happened over the past 5 months......the only reason this happend was due to bad weather. Coop was scared of the bad weather and Oscar wanted company in his bed. (note...this photo has not been edited. Cooper has red eyes...however, at times, he is our devil child)

  •   I don't know who the weather man is kidding with this "cool snap." It's still 90 degrees outside.
  •   I'm in a cooking funk. I love to cook. However, all I want to cook is quick/easy meals. Last night I tried a new recipe. While it tasted good, my man declared while eating: "so this is really country fried steak with the rice and gravy already mixed in." Why yes. Yes it is. Now eat it or eat a sandwich. He loved it. I need to hit up my 'ol recipe binder again. 
  • Oh..did I mention that I deleted everything off of our DVR on Friday? Oh yeah. This makes twice that I have done this. TWICE! I was SICK! I even called Dish and asked them to help a gurl out. The sweet woman from India really didn't care that I had not watch the last episode of Law and Order (with Ice-T)....or that I wanted to watch the Modern Family season finale "one more again."  

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