Tuesday, June 5, 2012

H-1, M-1

The title of this blog post sounds like a virus doesn't it?

Well folks, I am now tied with H in throwing away money. (if confused on the title, read this post)
I really don't want to post this- but H *sorta* thinks this is funny (only due to me blogging about his version of throwing away our money).

Last week, my heavy right food got the best of me while driving home from work.

Oh yeah- I got a ticket.

70mph in a 55mph zone.

-Insert Curse Word Here-


 H-1, M-1

Into the wind my friends.....more money.....

Into the wind.

Editor's note: If you are a judge in Jones County, and you read my blog....would you be willing to "fix" my ticket? If you are friends with a judge, and they owe you a favor, would you help a gurl out? If you have $200 that you would like to throw into the wind, help a gurl out!

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