Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday....

  • My accountant (aka: Hubby) is cracking down on my lunch budget each week. On Monday, I had a $16 lunch. What was it you ask?? It was (2) orders of asparagus with a side of butta', mashed potatoes with butta' and grilled chicken. After said lunch, I inducted myself into the "Clean Plate Club." The next day, H 'made' my lunch. Some may think he was being very thoughtful......but, it was quite the opposite. He was trying to force me to eat leftovers. I don't do leftovers. Never have. I don't do sandwiches either. Unless it's a panini. Anyway, I have used all kinds of excuses so I don't have to take leftovers to work the next day:
    • "I don't have a knife at work to cut said meat. And, I don't want to carry a knife in my purse to work? What if I'm temped to use it on someone?"
    • "I don't have a 'real plate' to put said lunch on."
            Last night, my man yelled from the kitchen, "I've made your lunch. It's in a glass dish and I even cut
            the meat."

            Seriously. He made my lunch.
  • That same day, I purchased groceries during lunch......and bought 2 snickers and a bag of M&M's for me to eat after the 4 bites of leftovers that I ate.
  • My man has me watching Hatfield's and McCoy's on A&E. LARD at the killings'! Ice and Coco don't get that bad!
  • Tomorrow is my sweet Pop's 89th birthday!! Bless his heart. We are throwing him a shrimp boil.
  • I'm finished with 98% of my homework for Monday's class. Hip Hip Horray!

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