Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday...

We have made it my friends. We have made it through this week. It amazes me how at the beginning of the week is so dramatically different then the end of the week. (I'm totally talking in code here. Sorry.)

Anyway, here's my thoughts...
  • The Bachelorette is totally boring me. I wish she would just pick Arie and call it a day! 
  • I made this recipe for my man. Poppy Seed Chicken. He asked that I don't cut up the chicken before cooking it. His command. My sweet friend Jenny-from-the-Block put us on this recipe.
  • Friday night, we celebrated my sweet Pop's 89th birthday! We boiled some shrimp in his honor. He loved it, we loved it, and we partied until midnight. Literally.
  • Last night, while my parentals were gone on a vacay, I spent the night at their house and cleaned it. Mom deserves to walk into a clean house from vacay. I enjoy cleaning other people's home....not so much a fan of my own. ( last year before Christmas, me and a cousin cleaned Mom-o's home)
  • On Sunday, Cooper was hit with a golf ball on the golf course. Bless his little ribs! He cried then, chased Oscar and licked his booty 5 minutes later. He's recovered fully. I'm sure that you are thinking that a golf course is no place for wienie dogs, but, at the BS Kountry Club, they are welcomed. My doggies are a hit with the kids on the course.
  • This weekend, H will be celebrating his 10 year class reunion. It's interesting to think back over the past 10 years and reflect on your accomplishments. His 1st accomplishment should be marrying me! Then, purchasing Oscar, then, giving in to my nagging and buying Cooper. High five H! High.Five.
  • Oscar is getting older. He even has some grey hair. LARD help me if anything ever happens to that buddy! Anyway, Oscar's new thing is when he is tired, he will just lay down. Wherever he is, he will lay down. If you take him on a walk and he gets tired, well, you have 2 options:
    • either pick the buddy up and carry him; or
    • pull a Jillian Michaels and yell at him to come on!!
  • Oh, and my doggies will eat apples. WHO knew! But, who knew that Emily would keep Kalon around as long as she did.

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