Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.....

Friends...I'm going down hill fast.
It's summer school.
It's kicking me.

Because I'm fond of the bullet points, here we go....
  • I made sloppy joe's on Wednesday night in a $200 Le Creuset skillet that my fab-mother-in-law purchased for my birthday. If Le Creuset knew that I cooked sloppy joe's in their enamled cast-iron cookware.....they would raid my cabinets and take all of my Le Creuset. But you know what......when both you and the hubs are in get sloppy joes. And you sing the song and do the sloppy joe dance. And the doggies dance with you.....because they think they are about to get fed.
  • Sweet H. Oh that man of mine. He's busy with school....actually, he's swamped. He asked me to purchase him a particular caculator while I was out and about. Negative. The caculator he "needs" was $68. Negative. I told him that caculators handicap our it on paper....or use one of the other caculators we have. Folks.....I can't justify $68 bucks on a caculator. I've got too much fun stuff to buy.
  • My sweet cousin Brooksy birthed baby Baylor on Wednesday! I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet stinkin' little love! He is going to LOVE me....and I will love him more! Anna the Banana has already made the best sister to him! She is taking this job very serious. However, I'm sure she will tell me EVERYTHING that Baylor does when I see her.
  • This past weekend, I drove a total of 8 hrs in 1 day to have a reunion with my besties Mar Per and Katie! What a fun weekend it was. I love these gurls beyond words. We were all in each others weddings.....and have known each other since college. It's amazing how life works and how much you just need to tell your friends *stuff*. Each of us live in our own little worlds with our own little stuggles, and this weekend,  we shared it all. We laughed until we cried........and cried until we laughed at ourselves. True Friends.
  • Oh, and Mar Per showed off her perfect Pinterest house with all of her perfect DIY projects. Makes me want a house. Makes me want to be crafty. Makes me wanna hire Mar to come and do my projects, pay her then take all of the crafty credit for them. The girl has it going on.
  • Sometime later, in the near future, I'll post the photos of our gurls-weekend. I have too much going on to upload and edit pics!

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  1. When I start my masters will you come and cook sloppy joes at my house?