Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday...

And so it's Thursday.....

And I feel like I have it together, which now means that it is about to fall apart!

I'm down to 2 papers for school people. 2 papers.
AND....I have them written for the most part.
I should have finished them  2 nights ago, however, I chose friends over school. And given the chance, I would do it again!

July is now over...and I am thrilled! I'm thrilled to let it go.

My mom celebrated her birthday on Monday...she is ?? years old! (just wanted to make you sweat mom!)

So, The Pope (my sweet Pop) was in the hospital this week.
And apparently, I was his neighbor.

I contemplated admitting myself for exhaustion. But, I would still have to finish my papers and clean my, I kept walking down the hall. Plus, I don't like needles. And this side of the hospital was getting the morning light. And, I saw what Pop had for breakfast. I'll stick with my organic bagel and keep carrying on.

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