Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have survived my friends.
I am on the other side of summer school.
I love life again.

Let's recap my Monday Fun-day:

1. School presentation @ 1pm. Nailed.It. (even H commented on my fab power point). However, he said my content analysis of website homepages was pretty-drab! But, that's ok....I got him back! He had me review a paper for him and I pretty much used an entire red pen on it. Some of the edits were legit....other ones I wrote on his paper just to hear him laugh as he made his corrections. (example: he used the word "landed" in a sentence. I told him to think of another word, because he is not an astronaut and he doesn't LAND.) I love our witty banter. Love.It.

2. Dropped my car off for the grill and hood to be fixed. Funny story about my grill....I asked the repair man to simply glue a piece of my grill to my car. That quick fix saved me around $500! Never underestimate the power of super-glue! I have hung-up curtains with super-glue before. Single gurls do what they have to do!!

3. At 3pm, I bought a house. "I" as in me and my man. We bought a house. We own a home. We are moving, but only 20 minutes down the road from our current home. We are pumped to say the least! And the little doggies are going to LOVE IT!! This is my 5th home to move into within 5 years! I would like to live in this home for fifty-leven years! Quick recap of the house: fenced in back yard for the doggies, sidewalks in the neighborhood for the doggies, hardwood floors for the dogs to run and slide on, H will actually have an office again and will no longer be in the laundry room, I will have a dining room again and the doggies will be "cow dogs" as our back yard backs up to a cow pasture. :)

4. My new nickname for Oscar and Cooper is Frito and Dorito. Is it just me, or do wienie dogs smell like corn chips in the morning when they wake up? Love.those.stinkin'.buddies!!!

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