Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.....

Well folks....not to brag or anything but, you are reading the blog of a 4.0 student.

That's right.....the 2 classes that I took this summer....I made A's in both of them.

The summer semester started out so promising for me....and then, I fell off the wagon and sorta stopped caring. I cared more about Pottery Barn sales (which are NEVER), Ballard Design curtains (which I can't afford) and pinning new things on my house board on Pinterest (of crafts that I'll never make).

True Story:
Email from a professor.....

Teacher: Meg, you will be receiving a B on your final paper. Your literature review really didn't match up with the blah, be, blah, blah......

Meg: ok.

There comes a point where you just don't care anymore......and I stopped caring when we bought our house. I would rather look for rugs online than review and write content analysis and determine the best way for advertisers to maximize their earnings in China. Seriously, that was my summer. I'm contemplating taking a sabbatical from work next summer so I can make up for this summer. I don't know if my man will go for it though.......I mean, someone has to pay for the dog food at our house!

In other news, I fed Cooper mac-n-cheese for a post dinner snack. He woke us up at 1:30am giving it back to us. FUN.TIMES. #epicfailasamom

I had a lovely conference call with my 2 besties. Our convo evolved from loving each other, to praying for people, to having our husbands record us while we rein-act gymnastics from the Olympics. (For the record, Katie did the gymnastics, not me.....although I did take gymnastics when I was younger, and I did in fact wear a scrunchie, and yes.....I did look like a dork). My gymnastic suit was white, blue and gold with a gold scrunchie in my high pony-tail. I was HOTT stuff (as in a hot mess). I know my mother loves me because she does not have my gym pictures framed in her house and on display. They are FAR FAR back in her cabinets.

Sorry the post is short today. I just deleted 3 paragraph's about chicken salad. You are welcome friends. You.are.welcome.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Reading your blog is almost as good as face to face therapy...almost.