Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday....

  • My house looks like Katrina came through it. We are working out of (4) bowls and (4) plates. Next week, we are switching to paper products before the big move. 
  • H burned our dinner last night. All he had to do was literally stir the soup. That's all. Just stir. I wanted to get mad at him because I was extremely hungry......and as my voice was beginning to raise and speak unkind words, my man told me the following true story:
 "Hey Meg, do you remember when you called me one afternoon while I was still at work and you told me that you were making homemade chicken alfredo and how good it tastes and  how I should hurry home for dinner. Then, when I walked in the door and you had a sad look on your face because you burned the alfredo sauce and had to trow it away and I ate a sandwich for dinner. Well, tonight's that night for you."

  Well said my dear. Well said. I ate leftovers. And we laughed.

  •   My fav reality show has been canceled. Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Sad. However, I did see the promos of a new Amish reality show. I.think.I'm.Gonna.Like.It!!! 
  •   This weekend, in the midst of packing up our house, we will FINALLY celebrate my mom's           birthday from July, the purchase of our house and the purchase of my brother's house! Surf and Turf. I even ordered a cake that says: Happy Everything!! 
  •  My sweet MIL celebrated a birthday this week......and at the rate H and I are going, we'll be able to celebrate with her at Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will celebrate after we get moved in         our house! I'm thinking grilled pork tenderloin!! 
  • This morning, while walking down the hallway, I saw a little pile of doodles on the floor. Thanks Coop! Appreciate it. I think he is revolting due to moving. He doesn't want to leave his friend and fellow wienie dog Toby.  
  • Next Saturday, I'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage with my man. Love that man. Love him more than Oscar and buttered grits. We are keeping it low key this year due to the purchase of our home. Low key as in......dinner and maybe a movie. However, I'll be fine with dinner and curtains. Or dinner and a rug......or dinner and paint. However you slice it, I want dinner. Get it...slice! 

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