Monday, August 27, 2012

Slip Cover- Part 1

If you read my previous post, you know the back story of my obsession with my accent chairs.

Here's the rest of the story:
We move in our house the 1st weekend in September.
I will be hosting a party the last Sunday in September.
My job (during the Fall) revolves around Football season.....and I have to give up Saturdays of home football games.
Its down to the wire now.

If I'm going to have a house full of women in my house........I don't want to tell them my empty plans of projects that I want to do at my house. I want the projects done. Which means......I have to do them. NOW.

Exhibit A:

The before picture. Disregard the wienie dogs that photo-bombed my pic.

Exhibit B:

Tools needed for the job. 
-Painters Drop cloth from Lowes-$21
- Hubb's tools- nail gun, vice grips
- the other tools were not necessary (however, the Hubb's didn't want me to wake him up, so he provided tools that he thought I may need)
-POWERADE- orange flavor

To get this party started, I flipped the chair over and removed the black felt and removed the staples.
This was time consuming to me.
Once all 50-11 staples were removed (I started feeling like a dentist for a minute), I was ready to move on. I had NO IDEA how I was going to do one has posted a tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest for this particular accent, I was on my own.

I though of a plan of action while watching re-runs of Designing Women for inspiration!
It would make sense for me to start with the cushion, then move to the chair arms and finally the front/back.

I used 9ft. of painters drop cloth.....and had quite a bit left over. When I recovered my 2nd chair, I purchased 4 ft, however, it did not have a seam that I could use at the top of the chair. For some reason, I HAD TO HAVE THE SEAM!

Here are a few pics of the final product. It's looks 100% better than the before pic, however, I think I'll be REALLY satisfied when I put my new pillows in the chair and put the chais up against my window and curtains. Until then, this is what what you get.

Part 2 of this blog will be the lessons that I learned while doing this little project!

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