Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recap of Anniversary

This year- our anniversary was low key.

As in, we didn't even drive an hour past our house.

Normally, we skip town and even leave the country.

However, this year, we tried to be responsible adults. And we sorta sulked about it.
I think if one of us had REALLY nagged and wore the other one down, I may be typing this blog post from Mexico.

See, it's a funny story:
While on our INCREDIBLE honeymoon, H and I said that we would go back to the resort for our 5 year anniversary. And we planned this for a few years. We had some cash set aside..... and we were excited. However, we did purchase a home a mear 4 weeks prior to our anniversary. And we tried to make Dave Ramsey proud.

Gah- Dave ruins everything. He will quickly suck the fun out of everything! Because no-one ever moves without purchasing new things for their house, we decided to post-pone our 5-year anniversary trip. Again, I think if one of us had pushed the issue- I would be in Mexico.

Instead of drinking margaritas and eating fresh guacamole, my man wined and dined me at Ruth's Chris and bought me a rug,  fabric, spray paint, and more fabric, and craft glue. True. Love. My. Friends.

We love each other and will make the best out of any situation.....and in true Jones fashion, we did.

When our waiter brought our menu- we both tried to hold it together because the monogram on his white jacket was Jesus.

Jesus was serving us on our anniversary. We laughed until we cried.
(BTW: don't email me. I know it's not pronounced the same way, but, it was still funny)

You can imagine the funnies that H Jones made when Jesus brought my wine! Oh Lard!!

And, no anniversary is complete without a trip to the Kroger afterwards!

It sucks being responsible and being a grown-up. However, I did get to move in a new home 2 weeks ago!!

Next year- H Jones, we'll live it up in Mexico.......with Jesus.

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