Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday....Yep! It's Tuesday.

The Jones' have been busy with life lately.

As you know, we moved. And it was the best move ever!! When I say "best move eva' ".....I mean, this was the easiest of the 5 moves that H and I have endured together.

It all started off promising when Hurricane Isaac gave me 2 days off from work. I was pumped up. And I shampooed 4-bedrooms in our new house, bleached the bathrooms (because you are not clean unless bleach is involved), mopped the hardwood floors and watched it mist and sprinkle outside while laughing at having another day off from work.


H works with a great group of guys that help each other out all of the time. Just give these guys some food and beverages and they are good for a few hours! These engineers loaded and unloaded our borrowed U-Haul truck and more often than not, they analyzed the "packing" of the truck. These guys were CHAMPS (these are the same guys who participated in Warrior Dash). They pretty much unloaded 5 years of STUFF in an hour and a half! I stood in the doorway and simply directed traffic. I would share photos- but, I didn't think it would have been kosher of me to take photos of them working and me not.

Anyway, in the midst of us moving, Cooper the Pooper peed on our carpet (the one that I shampooed) twice. And that did it for me. 2 days later, I took him to the vet to be neutered. He is such an alfa-dog and I needed him to calm down about 20 notches. And it worked!!!! Now, by 8:15ish at night he is ready to put himself to bed!

Our past normal routine of getting him to calm down to go to bed looked something like this:
-H would take him outside to use the grass
-Coop would find a tennis ball and want to play
-H would say no and tell Coop to go and pee
-Coop would run back on the carport and pee on H's golfcart tires
-H would get mad and come back inside
-Coop would walk in the door and start barking at me b/c he had not looked at me for the past 5-7 minutes
-Coop would steal whatever toy Oscar was playing with
-On the off chance that Oscar was already asleep, Coop would jump on him and wake him up just for the fun of it
-H would put Coop in his make shift kennel beside our bed
-Coop would get mad and start eating our dresser
-Coop would get a spanking and start barking
-H would get mad and turn the lights out in our bedroom
-Me and H are now ill because Coop will not stop barking
-I go to the living room and get the water bottle
-H squirts Coop in the face with water (just 1 squirt)
-Coop gets his feelings hurt and FINALLY goes to sleep
-At 2:24am, Coop needs to go outside and wakes us up, only to pee on the golfcart again

Since he has been snipped........all of this has been cut out!!!
The little stinker rattles his cage to get to his bed around 8:15ish, I drop him in his pen and I wake him up at 7am to use the bathroom before I leave for work.


It's a new beautiful routine my friends! Who knew he would calm down this much!
If I had know this would happen so quickly......LARD! I would have taken him to the vet 4 months ago!
However, I feel like I am jinxing ourself by typing this. I still slap a diaper on him at least 3 times a week though! Mama an't playing around with her shampooed carpet!

H and I traveled to Starkvegas last weekend to watch our beloved Bulldogs play! It was magnificent!! I slept on the way.....and Bulldogs dominated.....the weather was perfect.......and I had Starbucks! #Goodtimeshadbyall!

In an unrelated topic, my man's birthday was yesterday.....and I'm not buying him ANYTHING!

Why you ask.....because I'm taking him to Chicago with me on a work trip.
He's my + 1.
We are going to be "those" tourists who take pics in front of every landmark!

Changing topics again:
I'm sorta freaking out on life.
Am I the only one who noticed that it is the middle of September already?
2012 is ALMOST OVER!
The Hobby Lobby has their Christmas stuff out! I feel so behind! I don't know if I should buy fall or Christmas decor?
I work for a University and they are already sending messages about renting cap and gowns for the December graduation. Wal-Mart has out Christmas foods!!

Umm....I've only had 2 class meeting this semester. Graduation already??

Merry Christmas and Happy Graduation everyone!
(I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game)

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