Monday, October 22, 2012

Slip Cover Part- 3

This is the last of the slip cover posts.


Here is the final pic....with pillows added.

Not too shabby for a painter's drop cloth and some glue!

If you want to read part #1 and part #2, click below:

Part #1
Part #2

Overall- now they are in the living room, and I have $400 in my pocket from not buying new chairs (actually, I don't have the $400 anymore. I have already spent that money on glue sticks, curtain rods and dog food)- I LOVE THEM! If you are living in South MS and would like assistance with your chairs- for a small price, I will help you screw them up recover them.

The pillows in the chairs were recovered by the seamstress that I have on retainer......someone needs to teach me to sew. Pronto. And, they need to give me their sewing machine.

Our home is a work in progress. Some weeks I "progress", other weeks I'm content with the amount of "S" that I have in it.

This week I'm good.

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