Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday......

Here are a few thoughts/true stories that have happened at the Jones residence lately.

1. A dear friend of mine just moved into her new gorgeous home. And she asked me to help her decorate. I said "heck yeah! I'm on my way! Plug in your hot glue gun!" I'm not sure why she would want the help of someone who has hot glued everything in her house!

2. I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti and I'll NEVER go back to the regular recipe that uses rotel and velveeta. It's so good and fresh! It was easy and slightly healthier! You can find the recipe HERE. I used tri-color spaghetti noodles for more color and vegetable servings (b/c I try to be healthy like that)..

3. I'm loving the Fall weather! However, living in Mississippi during the fall messes your body up. One week you are contemplating a jacket- and the next week, you are back in shorts and a t-shirt. All I want to do is make chili and have cooler weather! You know the jacket that I bought in Chicago over a month ago......I have not had to wear it since Chicago.

4. Please do not invite the Jones' to anything that we have not spoken about or have already been invited to until January. I have emailed friends this week asking them for potential dates of their parties so I can fill up our social calendar. WE ARE FULL! We have a wedding/party/football game/family function/Thanksgiving/Christmas, etc. every weekend until NEW YEAR'S!!!!! How insane is that! I don't like our social calendar being this full. However, mark your calendar, I think the 2nd Annual Jones Pajama Party will be December 15th! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

5. Last night I dreamed that I ran into Vanna know, Wheel of Fortune. Anyway, she said they are adding a co-host and they want me to be it! I was THRILLED!! And I asked H if I could quit my job to take the job in LA (I assume they film in LA?)........and he wouldn't let me. I woke up slightly mad and not understanding why he didn't want his wife to be a star. Lesson learned: no more chocolate milk before bed for this gurl!

6. State is 6-0! We traveled to Starkville watch State vs. TN! Oh LARD at that game! I literally had to close my eyes a few plays because it was crucial moments and my heart just couldn't take it. I can't wait to see what Bowl game we are going to!!!

7. Last Friday night- little Oscar was very much under the weather. He scared us so bad because he wouldn't walk. He was a limp noodle. So- we called our great vet and explained everything to him. He recommend baby Tylenol and a heating pad until Saturday am when we could take him to the office. We think Little Buddy was milking all of his attention. He loved the fact that we MADE Cooper leave him alone and that he got to hang out with H in his office and stay warm on the 'ol blue heating pad. Come to find out, $100 later, he had pulled a muscle in his back. While at the vet's office, I had to ask the uncomfortable question: is he well enough for me to leave him with my mom so I can go to the State game? Thankfully, our vet is a State grad and he understood the importance. He said yes! And so I went. Good times were had by all- and Oscar watched the game in the comfort of Dad's big chair. One dog was cheering on another dawg!

8. It's Grey's Night!

9. The political debates are out of control. I'm not offended if my resume' is in a binder that Mitt Romney reviews.

10. Get yourself ready, I have one last blog coming up about slip covers.

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