Monday, October 15, 2012

Tour the House #2

Have I mentioned that I am slightly obsessed with my new home?

It's a nice to create an oasis to come home to.

Here are photos of our "not quite completed bedroom."

The main wall of our bedroom will probably be painted during Thanksgiving. By yours truly. I need the room to POP just a little more. Also, I have been "eyeing" (as my mom would say), a grey fur blanket for our bed for the winter. Editors note: IT'S NOW MINE!  

In between the windows is the fireplace. I really don't want it there.....however, I'll love it once we have cold weather. BTW: our curtains are black-out curtains. You really don't appreciate them until you come home from work violently ill in the middle of the day....and all you want to do is take a phenergan and go to sleep. I LOVED them at that moment. I have already re-arranged the top of the fire place. In involves paint, etc. It no longer looks like this pic. 

My nightstands needed an extra "something" to I placed left over fabric from a pillow that was recovered to use as a modern "doily".  I don't know why, but I'm using up quotations in this post! This is one of my fav pics of me and my man. It's our engagement pic. On MSU's campus. He's so handsome. The cute vase has since been thrown away b/c I ruined it with water. APPARENTLY- you can not add water to a vase that you painted the inside of with a water based paint! WHO KNEW! :)

The bathroom. I love it. I love the cabinets. And I love the fact the drawers pull all the way out. GENIUS! The tub: I love it. However, it a pain to clean. I literally have to lay across the tub or physically get in it clean it with my magic eraser. Every time I clean it, I declare that I will not use it for a few weeks so it can stay clean. Then, I cave after a long day and turn the jets on, drink a glass of wine, then curse myself for the water ring around the tub. Vicious cycle my friends. Vicious. 

Post #3 will be H's office. And maybe my laundry room craft project.

I'll think about it while I'm in the tub with my magic eraser. Taking sips of wine.

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