Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour the House-Part #1

We are settled in our new house.

And it's the strangest feeling.

We have talked for 2.5 years about wanting to feel "settled" in our own home.....and now we are.
And my heart is full of joy. The doggies LOVE it and love the neighborhood. Oddly enough, there are a LOT of wienie dogs in the 'hood! I can think of 4 right now!

We have completed phase 1- which involved moving in, hanging pictures, hanging curtains and putting away boxes.
Phase 2 will include painting.
Neither one of us want to paint, however, we really do not want to pay for a painter during the, I  I'll end up painting during the holidays.
I will probably paint the lazy way (surprise, surprise)......which is to paint a wall at a time, just in case I get tired or bored, that way I'm not committed to painting the whole room in one day! :) It will make it look like I am doing an accent wall!
Oh how I wish Mar Per lived closer! She is the PAINTING QUEEN!

Anyway, here are some photos of my humble abode!

This sweet, old hymn book that is literally falling a part is my grandparents. My sweet Mom-O gave it to me. I cannot tell you how many times she or Pop the Pope has played the piano from it or sang sweet hymns. This book has been added to the "in case the house is on fire" list of thing to grab!
BTW: that list includes (2) wienie dogs, a pair of Coach shoes, my wedding cd, my recipe binder and this hymn book. 

Guest bathroom. Due to photo editing, my shower curtain looks metallic. Rest assured, it's not. 

Living room. So- I was being crafty and frugal....and I made my curtains. They deserve their own blog post. Because I sweated over them. Literally. I almost cried too. But instead, I kept calm and took another sip of wine.
Dining Room. 

Oh- you wanna see my bedroom and bathroom? That will be part #2.
We love our home. It feels like home. And that's a good feeling.

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