Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicago- Part #3

This is my last post on Chicago.


It was H's turn to choose where we would eat for dinner.
He chose Mike Dika's restaurant.
You must know, I'm a sucker for meatloaf. I love it! My  mom makes the best meatloaf. H does not eat meatloaf, yet the boy will eat meatballs, hamburgers and every other dish that requires hamburger meat. However, he does not like meatloaf. So, I never make it. I have cooked meatloaf twice in the past 5 years of being married to the man!

Anyway, I saw this item on the menu and I was SOLD!! Meatloaf with mashed 'taters! I.Think.SO!

 I took this pic on Navy Pier. Folks, I was not a fan of Chicago or H Jones this day. It was COLD and WINDY in Chicago. We had to walk 50-11 blocks in the rain get to the Navy Pier. Of couse, my touristy hubby wanted to walk to the THE VERY END OF THE PIER!! I was shivering!  However, we did end up with this great pic.

We had dinner at this hip-modern mexican restaurant and tried to soak up the culture. When we were seated at the table, the avocado and lime where brought. Our waiter wanted to know if we wanted fresh guacamole and chips. Well Heck Yeah we do! He was going to charge $10 to make it at the table! Umm.....hold mean to tell me that you are going to charge $10 for a 50cent avocado and 30cent lime to be mashed up? Um, yeah, I don't think so. They don't charge that much in the BS and Laurel. I was tempted to cut and mash myself! Good LARD!

 The rest of the food was AMAZING and very fresh!

One of the nights after dinner, we watch I Love Lucy on Broadway. It was GREAT! The characters were spot-on! It's sweet the things my man will endure for me!

Chicago was great. It was cold. I wouldn't mind to go again.....with my own avocados.

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