Friday, October 5, 2012

Chicago Part #2

Chicago was great.
I would like to go back when I don't have to work until 4:30 or 5pm.
It really didn't feel like a get-a-way.

However, we did try to make the most of our time there.

I wanted to eat at RPM Italian, and H wanted to eat at Mike Dika's steakhouse.

Done and Done.

Our first nice dinner was RPM Italian.

My body really didn't like Chicago. My eyes were blood-shot the entire time which made me have a lazy eye, my skin was dry due to hard water and I had a constant chill. This Southern lady was thrilled to be back in Laurel! Give me 76 degree weather any day! I had to buy a heavy jacket while there.....and yet, when we arrived home on Sunday- I was in shorts and t-shirt before I could help unload the car. FYI: I'm all back to normal now. My body didn't like their recycled water.

RPM had a great menu with a good variety of food! The atmosphere was good and hip.

We ordered pasta puffs- and this is what we got!
Actually, it was dehydrated orachettie noodles. Tasted like rice cakes.

While walking the streets of Chic-ARGO, my sweet "politically correct" man pointed out there are a lot of slim people in Chicago.

Odd statement...... we chalked it us as everyone has to walk they they burn a lot of calories. However, when we had dinner at RPM, we quickly realized why people are so slim in Chicago.

See pic below.
Umm...excuse me waiter. Can I please have more than 5 ravioli's?  This gurl is HONGRY!

I normally eat until I'm miserable and need a nap. Obviously, Chicagoians do not believe in doing that.

H and I wondered where/how much it costs to live in the big, we looked up apartments in Chicago to see the price range. Umm.....yeah, rent for an apt. that is smaller than our 1st home (which was a 2 bedroom garden home, mind you) was roughly $2,000 a month. Some of these apartments BOASTED 900 sq feet. Ummm......If you want to fall in love with your home/yard/walk-in closet again......just look up apartments in Chicago. AND....look at the weather! You will be glad that you are in the South!

I kept thinking about our little buddies. They would HATE city life. It was just on Sunday that Oscar and Coop-Coop pretty much ran the cows out of the back pasture behind our house while they were grazing. Those little doggies do not want another animal in their sight! Seriously, they are our little cow dogs.

Anyway, back on Chicago. I keep thinking about these poor folks having to lug their groceries on a city bus or down Michigan Avenue! I would die!
You know....that may be another bullet point I can add to the theory of Chicago-ians being so slim! They don't want to buy a lot of groceries so they don't have to haul them back home! I totally get it.

Anyway, hold your breath....part #3 will be next!

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