Monday, October 1, 2012

Stroke It!

So- I had a small issue. I was having all of the Baptist women of FBCL over yesterday, and my bedroom wall looked like this.

My pretty pics were getting lost on my builder beige walls. I needed to do something.....AND FAST! I was being very frugal....remember, I just came back from Chicago...and I've been dropping money on this house like it is HOT!

So-I shopped the house.
And found this.

I like this pic. But, there's too much red in it for this house. I had it in the Goodwill pile....and while in the Hobby Lobby....I had a GENIUS idea! So, I called Mar Per to have her talk me through it and be the voice of reason. And I left the Hobby with this:

And then, I needed some liquid I made this:

Chocolate Milk. LARD- how I love this stuff.
My engineer man told me to take the canvas out of the frame before I painted it.
Did I listen to him?
He also told me to tape off the edges.
Did I listen?

Folks- I'm a lazy crafter. I like to see immediate results. I don't like adding unnecessary steps in the mix.
I moved the pic in front of the tv....and started painting while watching:

I like to multi-task.

Anyway, here goes nothing!

Nothing screams professional crafter/painter like a good 'ol dixie plate!

End result:

Fancy Smancy! I love it! It was a $7 project! (the paint and the brushes)
Step 2 will be adding some black to the frame....but, I don't want to be an over achiever or anything...........I'll do that later! Procrastinators unite......tomorrow!


  1. I love your posts! They crack me up! Love this project by the way, Looks awesome!

  2. Thanks for the kudos! It was a 30 minute project!!