Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.....

  • The Bulldogs have done it again! They won another game!! 7-0!! I'm holding by breath for Saturday's game against Alabama.  However, I believe! 
  • My man went to a friend's wedding on Friday night.....which means that I was home alone with the doggies. AND I LOVED MY FRIDAY NIGHT!! I love my man. And I love nothing more than snuggling with him. However, when he is home (which is everynight), I feel that I need to be cleaning/cooking etc. I don't know why I feel this way.....but, I do. When he is away....I channel my inner laziness. And I did just that on Friday night my friends. I ordered cheese sticks from our favorite pizza place in town, and I caught up with TiVO as the doggies chased each other in circles around the couch. I told them not to THINK about waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside. Oscar let me "sleep in" until 7:30. 
  • We went to the Fair on Monday night with some friends of ours.......good times were had by all. I'm not a fair, festival, or flea-market kind-of-gal. I'm not sure why exactly. I just don't enjoy them. However, I went to the fair to pick up these:

  • This weekend- all we have on the agenda is a wedding!!! Hip Hip Horray!! 
  • Tuesday night, I walked in to the door to a dreadful smell!! Blog post coming soon on this one! I was so over Tuesday by the time it was dinner time that I ate my 2nd candied apple for dinner. **If you are going to the fair soon, please pick me up another!**

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