Monday, October 29, 2012

Project #1 at New House

While H was gone to a wedding a few weekends ago (I had to work on Saturday due to a football game so I couldn't be his date to the wedding)......I told him that I was going to do some "projects" around the house. He raised an eyebrow.....and I smacked his butt and told him to get on the road!

On Saturday morning, I texted him the following pictures of my project:




I included the hashtag of: #onecraftywoman!

He responded back with: #riggedup!

He hates it when I am correct! And go the easy route.
If I had given this task to H to do, he would have unscrewed the flag, gone to Lowe's bought red paint, painted both sides, let it dry and placed it back on the mailbox. That is how his big brain works.

My little brain operates under the motto of "one and done!"

In case you are wondering on the color, it's Big Red.

It's a good thing our shutters didn't need painting!

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