Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Splish Splash....

Nothing ever happens when H is at home.


When I am home alone with the wienie dogs......everything goes to.......hell.

Last Tuesday, I walked in to a stinky yet clean house. It smelled like POOP! I immediately thought it was the dogs! Someone was about to be in TROUBLE!
While touring the house to find the doodle.....I walked in the guest bath to see a backed up sewer mess in my bathtub and toilet. LOVELY.

While my man was sitting in driving school, I was literally wading in poop water in the yard.
I called my dad, because let's face it, you are never too old for your dad's advice. Anyway, in the course of our convo, he is telling me to unscrew a pipe and that I should probably want to wear gloves., it would have been nice for you to tell me that BEFORE I started unscrewing the cap and the poopy water started coming out. IT'S A LITTLE LATE NOW!! I was standing in my front yard in flip flops. Ankle deep in poop water, with the phone up to my ear and a wrench in my hand.

Did I mention that I was in a skirt, cute top and pearls?

After the poopy water drained and dad told me there is a chance some of the nasty water could be my neighbor's as well, I was done. There was nothing else I could do but call a plumber. Mom told me it probably wasn't a good idea to wash clothes, run the dishwasher or shower until the plumber arrives.


All 3 of those are about to happen.
I WILL bathe the poopy water off of me.
I WILL wash clothes b/c I was lazy over the weekend and didn't wash any.
I WILL run the dishwasher b/c I don't want to go to bed with a sink full of dishes.

If the worse thing that can happen is that I have suds in my yard, at this point, I don't care.

I'll save ya'll the torment of me explaining how the plumber fixed our pipes, but he did give me some advice on wienie dogs.

He said "them dogs will bark at a gnat flying over. That's why I had to get rid of mine."

I didn't ask what "get rid of" meant. I enlighten him on the water bottle method that we use. He kinda gave me the one eye over because my doggies were YELPING outside and trying to beat the door in!

But hey- no more sewer in the tub!

Just a typical Tuesday. 

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