Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.......

  • Lard! I am so tired and I am OVER the time change! 
  • I was reminded last week of another reason of why I like George W. 
Did you know that he lessened the amount of time that we used for the time change while he was in office?
  • I'm ready for another home project. One that takes only 15 minutes though. 
  • My sweet friend gave me a candied apple from the fair after I put my plea out on my blog. This lets me know (2) things:
    1. I have another reader besides my mom.
    2. I have sweet friends. 
  • I have GOT to become motivated to start my 10 paper that is due in Dec. Since it's only 10 pages, I keep prosticaniting and telling myself....."ah, what's 10 pages! You've written more than that before." 
  • Last Thursday.....I did not see my man at all. We live in the same house......and we didn't even see each other from Wednesday night to Friday afternoon. I had a work event and he helped friends  move after work on Thursday. I texted him last Friday and our convo  was straight and the to point: 
    • Meg: Hey, are you alive?
    • H: yeah, why?
That was all I needed.
  • It's November......and call me scrooge because I will not be participating in posting what I am grateful for each day on Facebook, nor will I be participating in No-Shave November. I have kindly asked my man not to participate either. I don't dig the beards and I don't want my Facebook wall to be full of:
    • I'm grateful for MSU Football.
    • I'm grateful for the cutie oranges that I have to eat 3 at time when I eat them.
    • I'm grateful for Private Practice and Modern Family.
    • I'm grateful when my little brother calls me from Brazil and makes me laugh.
    • I'm grateful when our wienie dogs let us sleep through the night.
    • I'm grateful the election is over! 
    • I'm grateful that I have discovered the white chocolate pecan mocha at the gas station by our new home. 
    • I'm grateful that my grandmother calls me "Meggie" and that no one else does! 
    • I'm grateful for Hobby Lobby and their 40% off coupons.
  • I think my grateful list is better than some of the ones that I read on Facebook. I mean, REALLY people, who isn't grateful of Jesus, their family, friends and kids. Come on people, be a little creative!
  • I'm O-V-E-R this election and politics!!! LARD! Don't get me started. I DON'T care about your opinion and I realize that you probably don't care about mine. 
  • Am I the only person who is sorta excited about the Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out? 

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