Monday, November 12, 2012

Conversations with H

I have a funny man.
98% of the time, he is sarcastic.
I have learned to deal with it.

However, there are moments where I let my guard down and he sneaks in witty comments that I'm not expecting.

Convo #1:

After gushing over our bedroom decor and our new chevron pillow and "modern doilies" (see previous posts about these).......I was in a convo with H about our fireplace.

M: huffing and puffing...I really need something to go on our mantel for the fireplace.
H: why don't you get more exxon fabric.

REALLY? Oh, you witty man.

Convo #2:

We are working in the front yard and our convo went like this:

M: Hey, H, will you help me move our ferns into the sun?
H: Yeah- I love photosynthesis!

Who says these things??? (other than my dad)......

1 comment:

  1. Please ask him about the "broken" candle sticks and the "chopin" CD