Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday.......

Let me start off by saying......the Bulldogs lost the Egg Bowl. It was sad. However, I didn't talked trash on Facebook. Frankly, I haven't trashed talk all year about other football teams. I have blogged, Facebooked and even took silly pics of my doggies cheering on the Bulldogs this year. Not once though did I talk about Ole Miss.

During the Egg Bowl....some "Facebook Friends" started being ugly about their win. And I deleted them from my friend list on Facebook.
My Facebook is cut-throat!

I haven't been ugly until, here goes:

Ole Miss: have fun at the BBVA Compass Bowl.
I'm sure that it will be thrilling.

I digress.

Now, on to more exciting the thrilling news in the Jones household.

1. We are FULLY decorated for Christmas! Can I get an AMEN! I need to focus on Jesus and the nativity scene instead of letting Ole Miss fans bother me. I mean, they won. They played better than us. They deserve the trophy. They showed up to play football. We showed up to work off our Thanksgiving meal. And to show off our cool jerseys.  #jesusisthereasonfortheseason. #gooodawgs.

2.  I am a dog whisper (expect for during the Egg Bowl, obviously)! When my ADD doggie will not settle-down and be sweet......this is all it space heater and his favorite bathroom rug. My doggies are obsessed with our soft bathroom rugs. Every morning, I have to fight dogs off my rug so I don't have to stand on cold tiles! We have 3 of these rugs, but they always want to lay on the one that I'm standing on.

Obviously, I take great pics with my cell phone. 

3. While Christmas shopping, I ran across a doggie item that I contemplated buying for my little fur babies:

Doggie Uggs. However, they are called Hugs. And they are $19. Which is why I don't have a pic of my pups sporting these new kicks. When the ground is wet, cold, icy, too hot, too warm, too green, dead, grassy, pups don't want to walk on the grass and do their business. Well, it's really Cooper. We (me and H) have to stand in the middle of the backyard and coax this *darn* puppy to use the bathroom. If I knew these stupid shoes would work, he would be wearing them.

Maybe I should take the space heater to the middle of the yard with me???? Genius idea! 

4. Meanwhile, back to my Christmas shopping.......I have been "eyeing" this little device for my phone.  And on black Friday..... homegurl bought one. And H laughs at me EVERYNIGHT when I use it!

It's great! Didn't everyone have a phone like this when they were younger? My mom had a phone in the kitchen and the receiver was just like this except it was tan. Anyway, the cord on that sucker was LONG so she could cook and pretty much touch every kitchen cabinet while she was on the phone. You can practically stand on your head while talking with this receiver! I'm a fan of the "neck/shoulder" phone hold. You can't do that hold with a cell phone. Thus, this receiver was a necessity for me.

Get yourself ready, next blog post is about how to make a pillow out of a placement. Exciting times are coming! 

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