Thursday, December 6, 2012

Home Project #3

So, I made some Christmas pillows.

$8 project.

And it all started at Target.

What had happened was:

While perusing the Intranets, I ran across a blog where a woman made pillows out of nice place mats. When I say nice placements, I mean placemats that are two-sided.....such as this one:

BOOM! $4.

Then, you split the seam at the bottom (you choose the side you want).....and make the split as small as your hand.

Then, you stuff the place mats as if they are the turkey from Thanksgiving with batting.

Stuff it. Stuff it real good.

Then, if you are crafty, you can sew it back.
If you are not, you can pull a play out of my play book and glue it back together and put paper clips on it over night.


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