Friday, January 11, 2013


Well hello 2013.

Here you are in all of your glory.

Let's get a few things straight.........this year, I will OWN you!
2012 started off promising.....but, I slipped half-way through the year and let you reek havoc on my little life.

So, since it's my life....and my blog....let's go ahead and set some rules for 2013 shall we?

1. I will say no to new offers, commitments, obligations and parties as I deem appropriate. Last year, I wore myself thin saying yes to everything and trying to make it happen.

So to prove this new commitment, I have already said no to the church nursery (mainly because I'm not dependable and I tend to forget....and I did not attend a Young Professional's event on Thursday night and said no to being in a new Bunko group). The party will go on without me, and the kids will be better off without me  trying to rangle them. I can't do it all. 

2. It is my goal to be completed with my Master's by the end of July! I'm ready to wrap this little party up. I'm actually sitting in class on a break right now typing this now. 

3. After our family budget committee meeting (surprisingly, I didn't slit my wrists).....we decided not to take a big international vacay this year. We are half an inch from being debt free expect our home.....and we are trying our darndest to reach our goal by the end of April. Again, love/hate Dave Ramsey.

4. Coming off of goal #3- after April, we would like to sink a few paychecks into our backyard. It's a blank canvas.....and I have ideas. I would rather focus attention to home projects than sipping cold tropical beverages while on a beach with my feet in the sand and a cool breeze.........WHO AM I KIDDING!! It's gonna be hard! I'm sure that I'll whine about this closer to the summer.

5. I would like to stain our front and back porch. This is a fairly simple goal to obtain. However, I don't have a good track record with "fairly simple goals." I started what I declared as the: Easiest Pinterest Craft EVA'.....and we are now in a pickle....and will be renting a tile saw to finish what I started before New Year's!

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