Friday, January 4, 2013

Snug as a Bug...In a Rug.

Timing in never perfect in my world.
I try and try to be diligent with our $$ and think of others.....and make Dave Ramsey proud.

But sometimes, that 1 item that you have been looking for since August hits you so just have to purchase it.

Sometimes, you have to ignore the fact that you are WAY over your Christmas budget and yet you are DYING to purchase a dining room rug from Ballard Designs. Disclaimer: I purchased the rug the week before Christmas. 

Sometimes, you tell your man about it.....then get a second opinion from a friend and then a third opinion from your mom (all in front of your man, only to help build your case).

Then, sometimes you let it sit in your online shopping cart for 4 days.......then, you buy it!


No turning back.

This purchase makes your dining room ALMOST complete.

Ballard Designs to me, is what some women think about shoes and purses.

I can't WAIT for my catalogue to arrive! I actually tear pages out of the catalogue (bump Pinterest!)....sometimes you need to carry around your inspiration in your purse for trips to Lowe's.

Anyway, the rug is mine.

And I dare a wienie doggie to pee or poop on it!

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